Flowmax EPD 200

MIB GmbH - Ultrasonic Flowmeter EPD200

Flowmax EPD 200 is an empty pipe detection for use in conductive MIB GmbH - Ultrasonic Flowmeter EPD200and nonconductive liquids. It is suitable as a pump protection against dry running, as a signal transmitter for 3-way-valves for switching barrels, as liquids watchman or limit switches.
Based on the ultrasonic technology Flowmax EPD 200 is able to measure conductive and nonconductive liquids contactfree. Flowmax EPD 200 has no moving parts and is absolutely free of wear.
All parts having contact to the medium are PE-HD. Flowmax EPD 200 can be used by DI-water to alkaline, toxic and/or aggressive media.
The switching output is simultaneously as npn- (0V) und pnp-(24V) output.
Additionally the state is signaled by colored LEDs:

green = pipe full, red = empty pipe

The process line is adapted via the device-side inner thread G1/2, for example suitably constructed with tube nozzle.